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Motherland [sound recording] / William Nicholson.
Author: Nicholson, William. -- Glaister, Gabrielle.
Publisher: Rearsby, Leicester : WF Howes, 2013.
Review by: Chez  on: 2/08/2013 11:28:41 AM
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Historical Fiction/Romantic Fiction Novel set during and immediately after World War II. Motherland was written by William Nicholson an award winning screenwriter of Les Miserables, Gladiator and Shadowlands. " mother married the wrong man, the way people do. Probably because her mother married the wrong man. So you see, you come from a long line of mistakes." Alice Dickinson a young Englishwoman goes to France after ending a relationship to meet her Grandmother Pamela, who knows nothing of her existence. Alice is the illegitimate child of Pamela's estranged son. They discuss all the unhappy relationships in the bloodline for the exception of the one relationship and single successful marriage. Pamela, Alice's grandmother begins her reflection of her parents involvement in World War II and so the story begins containing the historical events of the era. I would expect that Motherland will eventually become a movie in the future.
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Blackwattle Lake / Pamela Cook.
Author: Cook, Pamela.
Publisher: Sydney : Hachette Australia, 2012.
Review by: Chez  on: 2/08/2013 11:19:33 AM
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Australian Fiction. Blackwattle Lake the debut novel by Pamela Cook. Eve Nicholls returns home after inheriting the family farm on her mother's death. Eve's intentions are to see the family farm as soon as possible and move on. The farm holds too many painful memories and guilt from the tragic circumstances that caused Eve to run away from home. Pamela Cook has written with appealing characterisation with an engaging storyline.
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Josh whoever / Michael Guillebeau.
Author: Guillebeau, Michael.
Publisher: Waterville, Maine : Five Star, 2013. -- Waterville, Maine Five Star, 2013.
Review by: McKay, Katrine Mrs  on: 4/07/2013 2:36:27 PM
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Josh Whoever is about a man who gets caught in a position in which he is given no choice in finding a young woman who is held for ransom. The young woman is a known celebrity and daughter of a Russian family residing in San Francisco. Josh is a man who would prefer to live a discrete life, un-noticed by everyone. Very little is known about Josh and the reader learns bits and pieces about him as he endeavours to solve the case with the help of a woman ex-reporter who sees the case as a way of creating a best-seller novel. The woman gradually earns our hero’s trust as he begins to open up to her about himself. This is Michael Guillebeau’s first novel. He uses simple, to-the-point narrative and avoids lengthy deive passages in the telling of this story.
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The complete guide to getting a job for people with Asperger's syndrome : find the right career and get hired / Barbara Bissonnette.
Author: Bissonnette, Barbara A.
Publisher: London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley, 2013.
Review by: M0004127165  on: 16/06/2013 6:52:05 PM
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Finally, a book for teenagers and young adults with Aspergers! There is so much material around for parents of young children with Asperger's, but for those of us with teenagers or young adults, the information and help seems to just dry up. At this stage, I could not get my teenager to read this book so I read through it myself. I found some wonderful insight and great tips that I have been able to talk through with him in just general conversation. So even if your teenager will not read the book, you can help them by reading it yourself. It also gave me more insight into how he sees the job hunting situation and is also a good general guide for anyone seeking help with getting a job, not just those with Aspergers.
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Poo bum / Stephanie Blake.
Author: Blake, Stephanie, 1968-
Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. : Gecko Press, 2011.
Review by: M0004127165  on: 16/06/2013 6:46:03 PM
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A great book for young children. The word poo even engages young children who are reluctant to listen to stories! It is great for a giggly, cheeky story time together. Read it at story time and the children loved it. Then brought it home for my 11 year old boy and 16 year old boy to look through it. They both rolled their eyes but laughed!
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How I got my wiggle back : the remarkable health and fitness regiment that turned my life around / Anthony Field with Greg Truman.
Author: Field, Anthony, 1963- -- Truman, Greg. -- Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Publisher: Sydney : ABC Books, ©2012.
Review by: M0004127165  on: 16/06/2013 6:40:53 PM
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Really enjoyed this book, it was totally different from what I thought it would be. While it does talk about The Wiggles, the main focus Anthony talks about is the physical pain and discomfort he faced through all those years and how he finally overcame it. The book also shows us simple steps that we can all take. Would very highly recommend this book
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While I live : the Ellie chronicles / John Marsden.
Author: Marsden, John, 1950-
Publisher: Sydney : Macmillan, 2003.
Review by: Caldwell, Danielle Miss  on: 12/06/2013 4:36:19 PM
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In John Marsden’s Tomorrow, when the War Began series, it dictated a world in which the eastern side of Australia was invaded by unknown enemies. The seven part series follows the struggles of Ellie Linton and her teenage group of friends while they fight against the invasion, and fight for the occupation of their once quiet home-town of Wirrawee. At the close of the series, the war is won with many sacrifices, and things return to a different state of normal. While I live continues the story of Ellie, into the fragile state of peace in Wirrawee. Elle finally receives what she fought so hard for, back at the farm with her parents, but not for long. Struggling to maintain her family farm, after the shocking murder of her parents, Ellie juggles with the debris of a war, fighting as a new kind of war explodes back into her life. With a new nation forming on a border just kilometers from her home, Ellie continues to fight and cope with the peculiar resumption of a new form of normality. While I live: The Ellie Chronicles is the first book in the sequel series of Tomorrow When the War Began.
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The lucky one / Nicholas Sparks.
Author: Sparks, Nicholas.
Publisher: New York : Grand Central Pub., 2008.
Review by: Caldwell, Danielle Miss  on: 12/06/2013 4:34:10 PM
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Three tours in Iraq. Twelve IED explosions. One picture. Upon the discovery of a photo of a young woman, U.S Marine Logan Thibault escapes numerous life-threatening situations that had fatal results for his fellow soldiers during his time in Iraq. Eventually, at the suggestion of his best friend Victor, Logon comes to believe that the photo is his lucky charm, and a source of safety. Later, when he returns home, Logan can’t stop thinking about the Woman in the photos, and becomes determined to find her, in order to thank her. He manages to locate Beth, and the attraction between them is imminent, causing Logan to find the last thing he expected on his journey, Love. A passionate and compelling love story, The Lucky One is an unforgettable story about the surprising paths that life can take, and the power of fate to guide us to happiness.
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I lost my mobile at the mall / Wendy Harmer.
Author: Harmer, Wendy.
Publisher: North Sydney, N.S.W. : Random House Australia, 2009.
Review by: Caldwell, Danielle Miss  on: 12/06/2013 4:33:13 PM
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Set in modern day society, I lost my mobile at the mall is the story of a teenager amputated from her mobile. Elly Pickering while without her phone suffers through the embarrassment of many not- so-attractive photos posted to the public via her beloved “FacePlace”. Humiliated, and confused, Elly discovers that technology and the internet are not everything, while exploring the communication devices of earlier decades, replacing her phone calls with mail, and texting for writing. This novel is a must read reality check for any technology-addicted teen. Hilarious and enjoyable.
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The last runaway / Tracy Chevalier.
Author: Chevalier, Tracy.
Publisher: New York : Dutton, 2013.
Review by: M0004125294  on: 12/06/2013 4:27:05 PM
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After disappointment in love, Honor Bright is leaving her homeland and all she knows to taste adventure in America. Traveling with her soon to be married sister, Honor soon regrets her decision. After a terrible sea journey and the loss of her sister with yellow fever, Honor is on her own. Greif stricken and home sick Honor tells of her time in America. Whilst waiting for her only contact in America – her once future brother-in-law, Honor secures a job in a millenary store. She soon settles in Ohio and is soon known as the young English Quaker girl with great ability with the needle. It is there that Honor first experiences the infamous underground railway. Honor is torn - Quakers support anti-slavery and she is reluctant to aid and abet any slaves who chance across their land on what is known as the underground railway, or is she?
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